Our Instagram worthy platters, they taste as good as they look!


Brodie, the Girl behind the platter..

So you are probably thinking Brodie is a boy’s name? Yeah you can thank my parents for that, its a common occurrence that people are under the assumption I am a boy until they see a tall blonde girl!

But as you can see, I am totally in my element. Guilty Pleasure Platters has filled the artistic void in my life, I feel incredibly lucky to not consider work ‘work’. Born and bread on the Gold Coast, I love spending time with my husband, friends and family.

I have always had a love for creating things, my whole family is really creative. So creating the perfect platter that tastes as good as they look is kinda my thing! I feel lucky to be trusted by you to create grazing platter for your life events, so thank you for all of your support!

Oh did we mention they are totally instagram worthy? Your guests will be blown away!

Thanks for stopping by,

Brodie x